Top 10 tips to make the most of your weekends


Fridays bring in loads of excitement. It’s the last day of a tiring week, strict deadlines or grueling exams. Weekends are finally here! Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of the week when you can just forget about the world, get some me time, catch up on some family time or perhaps mix the mood to romance. With so many people still working from home, it can get tough lớn stay at home on weekends. So, this article will aspire to make your boring weekends oh-so-fantastic! 

Best Ways khổng lồ Spend A Weekend At Home

1. Cook Your Heart Out


Chilling wouldn’t be fun with a bowl full of delicious food! Start your day with whipping up easy breakfast recipes, waltz your way lớn a lazy brunch & end the weekend with a fancy Sunday meal. Cooking can be a fun way lớn spend your day at home. Some easy weekend recipes for you khổng lồ try out are, Rajma Chawal, Biriyani, hot piping Idlis served with a yummy coconut curry, the middle eastern delicacy Shakshuka, Grilled chicken và cheese sandwiches for brunch and walnut brownies khổng lồ sweeten your taste buds. Chuck the left overs in food jars or food containers to lớn enjoy for the rest of the week.

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2. Netflix & Chill!


Weekdays leave you no time khổng lồ catch up on your favorite rom-coms. So, take full advantage of your weekends. Hotline up some buddies & organize a Netflix binge marathon all day long. Chomp your cookies from uncountable food jars & get excited at your favorite character’s scene. So, what are you waiting for? Curl up under your blanket & enjoy a fun movie. 

3. Host A game Night 


If you’ve been waiting lớn hang out with your friends all week then invite them over for a game night on Sunday. Have fun with popular games lượt thích Charades or classic board & card games lượt thích Monopoly and Uno. Bake some yummy cookies & store them in kitchen storage containers khổng lồ serve them hot and fresh to your guests. If there’s a sports match scheduled on the weekend, then that’ll just sweeten the giảm giá even more! Get your booze and chicken wings ready, call your buddies over and cheer your favorite team all night long! 

4. Spend Your Day Reading


Read the book that you’ve been putting off for so long. Use your weekend time at trang chủ to finally finish that book you’ve been putting off. Set up the perfect reading atmosphere with comfy blankets, soft cushions, food jars & the perfect lighting.

5. Have a spa Day at Home/ Burn the Calories 


Pamper yourself! Get your nails done, pedicures, get highlights and even a much needed massage. Hotline up your girls & make a day out of it! Or if you’re a gym freak then instead of hitting the thể hình this weekend, exercise at home. If you can’t work out during the weekdays, then you need to be active on weekends to make up for it. Exercising will clear your mind và boost your energy for the rest of the charged up weekend ahead. 

6. Rediscover Your Hobbies


Keen on music? Writing? Perhaps you make excellent paintings but now out of touch. Weekends at home can give you the best opportunity to rediscover your talents và long forgotten hobbies. Pick up that instrument, or that half written journal, draw your heart out và paint your room this weekend. 


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Dig into a little gardening adventure và explore the nguồn of your green thumb! It can be daunting at first, but gardening is an incredibly rewarding hobby to lớn keep yourself busy with on weekends. Get into vegetable gardening to lớn not only grow the tastiest fruits & vegetables but also feed your family homegrown organically grown vegetables. Have your house smelling excellent by planting a variety of flowers. There’s no doubt that gardening can be one of the best ways khổng lồ relax on weekends. Plant fragrant florals, start your very own bonsai garden or have your own vegetable garden. Go green this weekend. 

8. Decorate Your Home


Moved into a new apartment? But you barely get time to decorate it on weekdays. Then utilize your weekends at home to the fullest to decorate your new trang chủ or revamp an old one. Move around some furniture, get beautiful lamp shades, dust và clean all you want và make your home, a home sweet home! 


9. Spend quality Time with Family


Have a slumber tiệc nhỏ with your kids. Go through the old photo albums và cherish the memories. Learn new recipes from your Mum. Help Dad with the garden. Play fun card games with the siblings. Catch up on the much needed family bonding on weekends by staying at trang chủ with your family. Have a nice family dinner, pop xuất hiện a fancy wine and have a heart to heart with them. It doesn’t get better than this. 

10. Get Creative


Here’s a few ideas lớn channel your creative side. Get crafty with your nails by learn nail art. Paint an old food jar. Glam up your office desk or build a cabinet out of scratch. Practice your knitting or get yourself busy with wall painting. There’s no end to the DIY trang chủ projects that you can vì at trang chủ on weekends.

Last Words 

 Weekends can fly by awfully fast. Everyone is busy the entire week till Friday. When you hit the weekend, you’re just too tired to do anything think you want to vì chưng “nothing.” But it’s impossible to lớn truly vì chưng nothing. So, don’t waste your time being a couch potato all day and follow the above mentioned ways to make your weekends super fun! If all fails, then just bake a bunch of cupcakes và binge on your favorite shows while cuddling with your pet. Now, this can never go wrong.

Successful people know that a weekend spent well is the key lớn workday success. So, make the most of your weekends, at home!