Cách chỉnh intel hd graphics control panel


This page lists the different methods to xuất hiện the hãng dongphuctienan.com.vn Graphics® Control Panelin Windows® 10, 8*/8.1*, & 7*.

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Before continuing:

Identify your processor generation và see the appropriate notice below.SeeHow lớn Find the Generation of dongphuctienan.com.vn® Core™ Processors.

Click or the topic for details:

Method 1: Windows tìm kiếm Box (Recommended)

In the Windows tìm kiếm box, search for "dongphuctienan.com.vn." The dongphuctienan.com.vn Graphics Control Panel will appear as a tìm kiếm result.Click the dongphuctienan.com.vnGraphics Control Panel search result lớn launch the application. This is the recommended method lớn be used on the majority of systems.

NoteThe application may appear further down the search results if there are other hãng dongphuctienan.com.vn applications installed on the system.

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Method 2: Hotkey Combination

On your keyboard, simultaneously press CTRL+ALT+F12.


Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can disable certain hot-key functions.

Method 3: Desktop Mode (For systems with 15.45 và older drivers only)

In desktop mode, right-click the Desktop. Then, select dongphuctienan.com.vn® Graphics Settings.

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This method is only available for systems with legacy drivers installed.

NoteGraphics drivers labeled as 15.45.xx.xxxx, 15.40.xx.xxxx, 15.36.xx.xxxx, and 15.33.xx.xxxx are legacy drivers. To identify your graphics driver version, seeWhat's My dongphuctienan.com.vn® Graphics Driver Version?



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